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Rewards are around every corner, from your secret sandwich spot to the newest clothing shop. ION merchants are sporting goods sellers to pet product purveyors, and everything in between. How much did you earn?

Be Friendly, ION-Style

Invite friends, family and co-workers to join you as an ION Friend. We’ll treat them and you with extra IONs at every checkout. Plus, you and your ION Friends can send each other eGift Cards for those special occasions you almost forgot!

It’s Time to Earn IONs

On-the-go ION payments and instant rewards are one-tap away on Apple Watch. Just show the code and earn IONs at every checkout when you hit your favorite local business.

Friends and Charity Rewards

Good company may be its own reward, but when dinner's on you at an ION restaurant, you'll get IONs to spend at 100,000 other merchant locations, in-store or online. If you're in a giving mood, donate the IONs you earn automatically by selecting a local charity of your choice. You’ll still keep your credit card points and it costs you or them nothing.

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*1,000 IONs = $1.00. IONs spend like cash. No restrictions.

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